Thumbi Ndung’u to co-host exploratory seminar


Victor Daitz Chair in TB and HIV, Dr Thumbi Ndung’u will co-host an exploratory seminar at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University, in October. 

The seminar, entitled ‘Focus on Africa: Infectious Diseases from Basic Science to New Technologies’ will be hosted together with Professor Phyllis Kanki of the Harvard School of Public Health on October 18-20, 2015.  


Focus on Africa: Infectious Diseases from Basic Science to New Technologies

Globally, infectious diseases account for more than 17 million deaths each year with a significant proportion occurring in sub-Saharan Africa. Harvard has a long-term history of productive research collaboration with a number of African academic institutions and nongovernmental organizations. While research has often centred on a particular infectious disease entity, it has frequently been multidisciplinary in nature, often with broad implications for global health policy. Workshop participants seek to foster further collaborative research within Harvard and among Harvard’s African colleagues in the broad arena of infectious disease research. The workshop highlights current collaborative efforts in basic science (lab bench research), extending to implementation science work in the field and the incorporation of new technologies for disease prevention, diagnosis, and monitoring. The focus on infectious disease pathogen and host diversity serves as an underlying theme. Participants investigate future directions for infectious disease research, potential multi-country proposals, research on comorbidities, and host-pathogen interactions. Group sessions with early career scientists from Africa will promote further research collaborations.

Publication Date: Oct 2015