Latest News for Victor Daitz Information Gateway

  • July, 2015

    IOL News - Thalidomide, the controversial drug banned for use by pregnant women, may be the key to helping save the lives of children with severe tuberculosis meningitis – a life-threatening disease.

  • May, 2015

    A number of TB and HIV researchers from the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) have benefitted from funding from Victor Daitz Information Gateway funding over recent months.

  • July, 2014

    K-RITH investigator and UKZN’s Victor Daitz Chair in HIV/TB research, Professor Thumbi Ndung’u, together with collaborators from the United States, United Kingdom and Zambia recently published a paper in the prestigious journal Science on ‘Selection bias at the heterosexual HIV-1 transmission bottleneck’.  Read more

  • December, 2013

    For World AIDS Day 2013, the HIV Pathogenesis Programme's (HPP) Health Promotion team organised an HIV awareness and prevention event for the community of Umlazi where the majority of HPP clinics are situated.  Their entertaining and educational programme, funded in part by the Victor Daitz Information Gateway, drew a large crowd who were also attracted by the free mass HIV counselling and testing on offer.

  • March, 2013

    K-RITH investigator Thumbi Ndung’u has been named as the Victor Daitz Chair in HIV/TB Research at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.  Ndung’u, who is well respected for his research work in HIV vaccine research also holds the position of Director for UKZN's HIV PathogenesisProgramme (HPP) and the HassoPlatner Research Laboratory as well as being an HHMI early career scientist, the South African Research Chair in Systems Biology of HIV/ AIDS and an Investigator for the Max Planck Research Institute for Infe